Key Contacts

Loretta Clipperton Carnes, President

Loretta has supplemented her two B.A.’s in Computer Science and Music/Theatre with courses in accounting and tax preparation.  She has over 20 years of experience in bookkeeping for micro-businesses including sole-proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and special events.  Her bookkeeping background includes group home, curling club, fast-food franchise, government-funded, non-profit, retail and insurance. 


Recently, Loretta was contracted to review current procedures and create a procedure manual for the bookkeeping needs of a large firm from daily sales to month-end and annual reporting requirements.  This document was used to train new staff.  Loretta has extensive knowledge with the QuickBooks accounting package and has participated in beta testing from the creation of the Canadian version 4.5 in 1996 through version 6.7 where she was “Top Beta” tester of the year in Canada. 


Loretta’s background in computer science makes adapting to new software an enjoyable challenge.   From 1995 through 2004, Loretta managed one of Canada’s largest third party transmission services for the E-Filing of income tax returns providing hardware and software support services for CA’s, CGA’s and seasonal tax preparers across Canada using any one of eight CRA approved tax software packages.  Loretta has experience with QuickBooks, AccPac and Microsoft Dynamics. As a computer programmer, one is taught very early that their role is a “Problem Solver”.  This skill will be invaluable in providing full-service to tailor-made solutions for each bookkeeping or consulting contract.


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